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Classic Old-Time Hoe-Downs, Breakdowns &c.
Flop-Eared Mule / Soldier's Joy / Liberty /
Mississippi Sawyer / Jeff City / Old Joe Clark /
Arkansas Traveler / Beaux of Oak Hill /
Chinese Breakdown / Girl I Left Behind / Down Yonder / Red Wing / Down Yonder / Spanish Two-Step /
Golden Slippers / Loggieville /
Snow Deer / Turkey in the Straw /
St. Ann's Reel / Woodchopper's Breakdown /
Angus Campbell / Fisher's Hornpipe / Ragtime Annie
Black Velvet Waltz / Red Fox Waltz / Westphalia Waltz / Country Waltz / Peek-A-Boo / I'll Be All Smiles /
Good Neighbour / Tennessee Waltz /
Kentucky Waltz / Missouri Waltz
Jig & Quadrille Sets
Set #1 Haste to the Wedding/Irish Washerwoman/Muckin' O'Gordie
Set #2 Plymouth Lasses/Rocking Chair/Buttermilk Mary
Set #3 Tom MacCormack's/Ivor Scully's/Shandon Bells
Set #4 Cadeau/Teegarden/Rose in the Heather
Set #5 Submarine/Irishman's Heart/Golden Rod
Set #6 Whitewater/Charlie Hunter/Rosewood
Set #7 The Old Box Stove/Tobin's/Fasten the Legging
Set #8 Boston Life/Little Burnt Potato/Coffee is Strong
Set #9 Fairy Toddler/Hole in the Hedge/Stan's
Reel Sets
Set #1 Mouth of the Tobique/Wabanum/Snowflake
Set #2 Patt The Budgie/Bailey's Breakdown/Kylie's
Set #3 Crooked Stovepipe/Whelan's/Spey in the Spate
Set #4 Drummondville/Don Messer Breakdown/
Big John McNeil
Set #5 Mon Voison/Maurice Billette's/Charlebois
Set #6 Jackie Coleman's/Swinging on a Gate/
Blindman's Reel
Set #7 Ti-Me/Whitefish in the Rapids/Timbertown
Set #8 Bruce Armitage/Lucky Trapper/Trip to Windsor
Set #9 Londonderry HP/Sherbrooke/Wissahickon Drive
Set #10 Farewell to Whisky/Miss Susan Cooper/Frank's
Set #11 Flowers of Edinburgh/Surveyor's/
Old French