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Art Wooten

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Reels & Hoe-Downs
/ Jigs & 6/8'ers
Waltzes / Pieces
Singing Calls
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tunes on this page!
Reels & Hoe-Downs (176)
Acorn Hill Breakdown
Adrian's Hornpipe
Angus Campbell
Anne Marie Reel
Archie Menzie's
Arkansas Traveler
Arkansas Traveler (Hi-Lo)
Art Wooten's Hornpipe
Back in '89
Backwoodsman's Reel
Bailey's Breakdown
Bay of Fundy
Bear Creek Hop
Belles of America
Bill Cheatum
Black Sally Goodin
Blind Man's Reel (Messer)
Blindmen's Reel (Carignan)
Blue Pacific Hornpipe
Bob Walters' Hornpipe in D
Bob Walters' Tune in C
Bob Walters' Tune in D & A
Boys Around the World
Brenda's Reel
Brenda Stubbert's Reel
Brickyard Joe
Buckskin Reel
Caber Feigh
Caribou Reel
Carrollton (Carleton) County
Casey's Hornpipe
Champion Hornpipe
Charlebois Reel
Chicken Reel
Cincinnati Hornpipe
Coming Down From Denver
Constitution Hornpipe
Cotton Blossom
Cowhide Boots
Crooked Stovepipe
Danced All Night
Devil's Dream
Dew Drop Hornpipe
Doc Harris Hornpipe
Duncan's Reel
Dundee Hornpipe
Durang's Hornpipe
Earl Mitton's Breakdown
Eclipse Hornpipe
Eighth of January
Fever in the South
Fiddle Fingers
Fiddler's Dream
Fire on the Mountain
Fisher's Hornpipe - F
Five Miles Out Of Town
Flop-Eared Mule
Forked Deer
Frank's Reel
Frenchie's Reel
Frisky Jim
Gatineau Reel
Glasgow Reel
Glencolmcille Reel
Good for the Tongue Hornpipe
Granny Will Your Dog Bite
Grey Eagle - A
Grey Eagle in C
Grizzly Bear
Gypsy Hornpipe
Happy Jack
Herring Reel
High Road to Linton
Hughie Jim Paul's Reel
Ice on the Road
Island Ferry Reel
Irish Hornpipe
Irish-American Reel
Irish Cobbler
Irish Reel
Johnny Don't Come Home Drunk
Jim Clark's Hornpipe
Jordan's Reel
Joseph Won A Coated Fiddle
Katon's Hornpipe
Kohler's Hornpipe
Lady of the Lake
Lamplighter's Hornpipe
Leddy's Hornpipe
Little Whiskey
Liverpool Hornpipe
London Hornpipe
Londonderry Hornpipe
Long John
Lost Indian
Lucky Trapper
MacCleod's Reel
Mas chaud au beurre...
Manitoba Special
Marmaduke's Hornpipe
Mass Pike Reel
Martha Campbell
Martin Wynne's #1
Martin Wynne's #2
Martin Wynne's #3
Martin Wynne's #4
Miss Susan Cooper
Mississippi Sawyer
Missouri Mud
Mon Voisin
Ned Kendall's Hornpipe
New Boston Hornpipe
Newlywed's Reel - D
Oak Ridge Stomp
Oklahoma Redbird
Old Countryman's Reel
Old Fort Smith
Old Joe
Old Joe Clark
Old Mother Blair
Old Ladies Picking Chickens
Old Reunion
On The Road to Boston
Opera Reel
Oyster Girl
Pacific Slope
Paddy on the Railroad
Pat the Budgie
Polk County Breakdown
Quarter Deck
Reel des Vacanciers
Reel du Snack-Bar
Road to Errogie
Rocket Richard's Reel
Rosebud Hornpipe
Running Water
Sarah's Reel
Serpent River Reel
Shingle the Roof/Diamond Lil
Shoal Creek Breakdown
Shoot Two Bits
Sleepy-Eyed Joe
Smith's Reel w/ Texas Chords
Snow Shoes Reel
Snowflake Breakdown
Soldier's Joy
South Missouri
Spotted Pony
Springtime Reel
St. Anne's Reel
St. Anne's Reel w/Harmony
Step Up Suzie
Sugar in the Coffee-O
Talk to Dinah
Tennessee Rag
Tie-hacker No. 1
Timbertown Reel
Tom & Jerry
Turkey in the Pea Patch
Turkey in the Straw
Turkey in the Straw - Variation
Victory Breakdown
Walk Along John
Wedding Reel
Whelan's Breakdown
Whiskey Before Breakfast
White Man
Wilson's Hornpipe
Winding Stream
Woodchopper's Breakdown
York County Hornpipe
Zack Wheat's Piece
Quadrilles, Jigs &
"Six-Eighters" (58)
6/8 - B. Walters in
Bb with 3 parts
6/8 in C from Dwight Grover
6/8 in G from Dwight Lamb
Accordion Quadrille (D. Lamb)
Alex MacDonnell's Favourite
Art Wooten's Quadrille
Borealis Jig
Boston Life
Brian O'Lynn Jig
Buttermilk Mary
Cadeau's Jig
Catfish Jig - F
Catfish Jig - G
Cape Breton Dream
Charlie Hunter's Jig
East Coast Jig
Fairy Toddler Jig
Farmer's Jamboree
Golden Rod Jig
Haste to the Wedding
Hobo's Jig
Irish Washerwoman
Irishman's Heart to the Ladies
Jefferson & Liberty
Jesse's Jig
Jimmy's Jig (Les Raber)
Joys of Wedlock
Le Tourment
Life on the Ocean Waves
Little Burnt Potato
Mouse in the Cupboard
Murray River Jig
Old Box Stove Jig
Old Woman at the Well
Oyster River Quadrille
Plymouth Lasses
Pop Goes The Weasel
Port Townsend Jig
Prodigal Son
Quadrille de Beauharnois
Quadrille in A (OTFR1 #189)
Quadrille in F from E. Kranz
Ripple Rock Jig
Rocking Chair Jig
Rock Valley Jig
Rose in the Heather
Rosewood Jig
Sailor's Wife
Sam's Sugar Bush Jig
Scotch Style Jig
Shandon Bells
Stan's Jig
Submarine Jig
Tea Gardens Jig
Tom MacCormack's Jig
Tripping Up Stairs
Whitewater Jig
Wilfred's Fiddle
Waltzes (39)
A & E Waltz
Big Balls in Cow Town - Intro
Bill Powell's Waltz
Black Velvet Waltz
Blue Jeans & Gingham
Carousel Waltz
Casey's Old Time Waltz
Clark's Waltz
Country Waltz
Cowboy Waltz
Evelyn's Waltz
Good Neighbor Waltz
Good Night Waltz
I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
I Love You So Much
Kentucky Waltz
Life in the Finnish Woods
Mexicali Rose Waltz
Missouri Waltz
Mockingbird Hill
Mother's Waltz
Norma Lou's Waltz
O'er The Waves
Peek-A-Boo Waltz
Red Fox Waltz
Rose Waltz
Rosebud of Avonmore
Shamus O'Brien Waltz
Shenandoah Valley Waltz
Stars & Stripes Waltz
Sweet Bunch of Daisies (C)
Sweet Bunch of Daisies
Tennessee Waltz
Valse Bleue
Valse Gisele
Vee Latty's B-Flat Waltz
Waltz You Saved for Me
Westphalia Waltz
Pieces, Songs, Hillbilly Jazz & Semi-Popular Tunes (37)
Andy's Centennial Two-Step
Back to the Sugar Camp
Beaumont Rag
Bob Walters' Tune in D & A
Bowing the Strings
Buck Fever Rag
Cherokee Swing
Down Home Rag
Down Yonder
Eyes of Texas
Ford One-Step
Four String Polka
Girl I Left Behind Me
Fourteen Days in Georgia
Golden Slipppers
Happy Acres Two-Step
Happy Acres Two-Step w/Harmony
Lester Pearson Clog
Manitoba's Golden Boy Two-Step
Maple Leaf Two-Step
Miss Molly
Old Fashioned Love
Old Indiana
Panhandle Rag in D
Panhandle Rag in E
Peacock Rag
Pike's Peak
Put Your Little Foot
Put Your Little Foot (3-parts)
Ragtime Annie
San Antonio Rose
Spanish Two-Step
That Good Tune in A
Walking in My Sleep
Singing Calls (2)
Just Because
Trail of the Lonesome Pine