Old-Time Fiddle &
Mandolin Workshop

with Charlie Walden
Master Traditional Fiddler &
Four-Time Illinois Champion
Saturday March 3, 2018
10:00 AM to Noon

Community Center for the Arts

202 West Main St.

Urbana IL 61801
Two-hour Workshop $40
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 Advance Registration
is Encouraged!
Fiddle & Mandolin

This workshop will emphasize improving your technique and overall sound.  You’ll learn three Midwestern tunes that you can put to use for dancing, “contesting” or just jamming with your pals. We’ll discuss ways to fill out some tunes you may already know. Finally, I’ll give you a chance to record some tunes of your choice.


Teaching will be by ear and by imitation, but will you be provided the “dots” and mandolin TAB at the end of the workshop and will be directed to some of Charlie’s on-line resources, as well. 


You’ll need to bring your instrument, an electronic tuner (if needed) and a recording device of your choice.  Audio or video recording of the session is encouraged. 


Patt Plunkett will be on-hand to accompany us with piano.

About Charlie:

Four-time Illinois Fiddle Champ Charlie Walden is a master of Midwestern-style fiddling.  His playing emphasizes clean noting, is highly melodic and uses a direct and driving approach to bowing to generate rhythm for dancing. 


Charlie has performed at major folk festivals in the US and Australia, has won many fiddle contests, played for innumerable square and contra dances and has taught at some of the most prestigious fiddle camps in the North America.

For more info email: possum.walden@gmail.com.